Cells that do not need to deal with toxins begin to  regenerate, regenerate and divide. And for that, they will need a lot of energy, which they will also get from fats and fat stores from your body. The result is faster weight loss and   fat burning  .

Every  reduction diet  should be preceded by  detoxification  , which thoroughly cleanses the body and prepares it for change. However, detoxification does not have to be associated only with weight loss, exercise and diet.

You should detoxify your body regularly, at least 1-2 times a year. Only then will you always be vital, fresh and full of energy.

Supports the body's own natural ability to detoxify supports the immune and cardiovascular system Increases energy and speeds up metabolism Supports a healthy pH in the body Super antioxidant supports intestinal health177_detox

.Electrolyte balance. Prevail MORE Detox In combination with detoxifying activated carbon and mineral antioxidant Carbon-60, MORE + Detox is formulated for total mineralization of the body, oxygen, rejuvenation and electrolyte supply. 


Heavy metals, toxins  and other  harmful substances  are all around us. They enter the body through air, water, food and also cosmetics, which are often full of synthetic and toxic substances. These pollutants simply cannot be avoided and our body has to deal with them somehow. Those that cannot be excreted are stored in tissues and cells.

Toxins in cells can do a lot of damage, reduce the cell's ability to regenerate, divide and reduce its immunity. All this shortens the life of the cell. As the cell withers, the tissue and the organ wither and gradually the whole organism begins to collapse. Fatigue, exhaustion, poor immunity, reduced metabolism, indigestion, overweight  and also a  bad mood  are often the first signs that our body is clogged with harmful substances. 

The polluted organism also poorly regulates the  storage and breakdown of fats,  which will ultimately affect your weight. Instead of losing weight, you can stand with weight or even gain weight even though you have started exercising or eating healthily.


If you want to cleanse your body properly, it is great to reach for  detox at the cellular level. One of the preparations suitable for  cell detox  is  rewinding Naturalcelluraldetox  . A drink that cleanses your body, rids it of toxic and harmful substances and   restarts your metabolism  contains the natural high component zeolite.

Zeolite  is a  natural mineral  that does not react with the human body, but has excellent absorption capacity. It binds all toxins, heavy metals, harmful substances, viruses, bacteria, ..., which are then excreted from the body in the urine or feces.


Your digestion will improve   . We do not mean, however, that you will spend everything you eat quickly, but that from every food you eat, the body obtains all the nutrients that the food contains.

Better  defense of the organism  . The immune system does not have to be constantly burdened with damaging cells and begins to focus on more pathogens (viruses, bacilli).


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Previal ​​Natural cellular detox at the cellular level

Many of you have probably heard of detox or detoxification and may have undergone this "procedure". But why is detox so important for the human body?


Shake well before use. Place 2 drops of drops   

Prevail MORE Detox    into any 16 fl.oz or more bottle of water, shake. Avoid eating with food or medication for 2 hours.





Carbon molecule carbon-60 mineral antioxidants - most commonly referred to as "The Most Amazing Discovery of Chemistry of the Late 20th Century" and much about it can be found online.

  • It crosses the blood-brain barrier.
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress by "aging".
  • Several studies have shown that C60 helps prevent mitochondrial dysfunction that promotes longevity.
  • Lifed life in rats in university studies.
  • Used to monitor and remove radiation.
  • Super antioxidant - 172 times stronger than vitamin C when it binds to hydrogen molecules.
  • It helps prevent nerve cell death, cognitive decline and neurodegenerative symptoms. Supports control of inflammation and arthritis.
  • Helps prevent UV damage.
  • Studies have shown that it kills viruses and bacteria.
  • It supports a healthy metabolism and prevents the conversion of cells into fat cells



Plant derivatives - fulvic and humic acid minerals Biologically available activated minerals and nutrients that can easily cross cell membranes and into our cells.
  • Stimulate immune function.
  • Help reduce inflammation.
  • Supports oxygenation of blood, cells and tissues.
  • Increased energy and metabolic function.
  • Help neutralize acidity and restore Ph balance.
  • Chelates and removes heavy metals / toxins.
  • Super antioxidants.
  • Supports cardiovascular function and blood pressure.
  • Helps balance endocrine and hormonal production.
  • Supports a healthy gut.
  • Electrolyte balance.


Coconut derivative - Activated carbon Active substance absorbing toxins "Clean House". The easiest way to detoxify our body is with this new Valentus product - Prevail MORE Detox.

  • One teaspoon of activated carbon has a larger surface area than a football field.
  • Activated carbon can interact and absorb many of the toxins, drugs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and chemicals found in water and in our bodies.
  • It can help kidney function by filtering out undigested toxins and drugs.
  • It appears to be particularly effective in removing toxins derived from UREA, the bi-product of protein digestion.
  • Studies show that it helps the kidneys and repairs gastrointestinal damage.