Stress causes an imbalance in the body, it takes place inside fission, reduction, oxidation. For likes, this means that when a bad molecule hits a healthy one, another bad one is created. So with the higher formation of bad molecules, there is a mass destruction of healthy cells, which affect old age and various diseases. 


Thanks to Multi-Vit spray,  people all over the world are experiencing a new kind of health and vitality. Thanks to the spectrum of vitamins and minerals, it is much more than your typical multivitamin. In particular, it provides daily doses of vitamins B12 / B6 and zinc, which contribute to the proper functioning of your proper immune system.

Advantages of the prevailing multi-vit:

  • Helps protect and strengthen the immune system.
  • Immune system: the combination of B6, zinc and B12 contributes to the normal function of the immune system.


Energy: Vitamin B12 and thiamine contribute to normal energy metabolism and reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Oxidative stress = oxidation in the body. The greater the oxidation, the faster the aging process, the faster the possibility of various inflammations and diseases of civilization. Multi-Vit spray Czech can stop this process.
As we have written in previous articles, the way we live, eat and also in what environment we live in, we seem to be busy and how much sugar we take into the body.
Even alcohol and cigarettes speed up the intake of bad substances into the body. There must be balance in everything. 


Thanks to the amount of vitamins and minerals, Prevail Multi-vit spray is more than a regular multivitamin. In particular, it provides a daily dose of vitamins B12, B6 and zinc, which contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system.



Freshwater blue-green algae spirulina o  contains many vitamins, minerals, active enzymes and more than 50% protein  , which ranks the algae among the   most protein-rich natural foods  . Spirulina algae are an important   antioxidant, strengthen the immune system, help increase concentration and act against fatigue  .


Chlorella   is a freshwater single-celled algae that contains a large amount of active substances. Due to the content of a wide range of   antioxidants,   it is often used to   detoxify the body  . Chlorella can also supplement the human body with   many necessary substances  , because it contains chlorophyll, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, magnesium, calcium, iron, proteins and growth factor CGF


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