Simply put, at the same time, they have a positive  effect on performance and support the regeneration of muscle tissue.   In addition, amino acids can be enriched with vitamins, for example. If you are looking for a remedy that will help you reduce the level of fatigue and the feeling of exhaustion after exercise, choose amino acids with vitamin B6.

Amino acids are an important dietary supplement, so they do not replace a main meal, but their strength is that they form the basic building block of protein. The indispensable role of amino acids should be known to all athletes. If your body is exposed to increased physical performance or a reduction diet, supplementing them should be a matter of course.

 Amino acids  can be replenished before or after training . In order to have the best and long-term beneficial effects for the body, it is recommended to use them at regular intervals. The body cannot receive and use their large amount delivered suddenly.

The balance of the individual  amino acids  is very important. Most quality preparations are a special mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids with a very high biological value and the ability to optimally synthesize to muscle tissue. Protein deficiency is the biggest danger for muscle tissue. The use of protein preparations in the form of amino acids or high-quality concentrated protein preparations is therefore an absolutely necessary part of the training process of every athlete.

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